Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shoe Flinging. . . . 

So I've been noticing shoes on wires everywhere lately.  These are right across from the bus stop I wait at to get to work.  I'd always wondered if there was any significance to the whole thing, and in most cases I'm sure there is not, but, as it turns out, sometimes there is.  In fact, there could be a few different meanings.

In the past, a soldier who was leaving the military, whether at the end of combat or because he or she was discharged, might paint his boots yellow, the colour of peace, and toss them over power lines near where he was stationed.

A less positive explanation would be that a bully took your shoes and you had to, shamefacedly walk home barefoot, a trend which began in the '50s apparently.  Or, in more modern days, a drug dealer lives close by, specifically crack or heroin, drugs from which you often don't come back from.....and so may not need your footwear.  

In some areas the shoes commemorate a neighbour who has passed away, a gesture which suggests that if the dead person's soul returns, he can walk high and proud.

It's interesting, isn't it, the many things that such a thing can mean.  I'm sure in most cases it's a matter of someone walking home in terrible shoes and just saying "eff this!"  When my Chucks that I wear to work finally die (which, if their appearance is any indication, will be any day now) I think I'll pick a line to toss those babies onto, even just to see how long it takes someone to take them down.  

Anyhoo, hope you all had a wonderful day.  Happy Easter again!

Till next time!

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