Friday, March 15, 2013

Patisseries Pour Le Dejeuner?

Mais, bonne idee!!

BF and I haven't cooked in days.  Most of our stuff is packed away and what's left is nothing if not uninspiring.  That's why when we walked past this little place on Prince today, we knew the only thing to do was go in.

Le French Fix has marvelous coffee, Toronto's Pig Iron, in fact, but we'd already consumed two pots of the stuff at home while packing, and besides, we were more in the market for these sorts of things:

That would be a Sea-Salt Caramel Tart and a Sable Noir.  The tart had a soft, flaky chocolate crust and the filling was soft, salted caramel with brittle decoration.  The Sable was mostly a rich chocolate mousse with white chocolate square chip decoration and a hazelnut cookie base.

Now I am not a big sweets person, but these babies, these were amazing.  If, like me, you are more a crunchy salty treat person, I'd recommend the place for a special occasion.  If, like the rest of the world, you just love sweets, I'd recommend the place for right now!  Bring something home for your sweetheart and I can guarantee a smooch-fest will commence before you know it.

Till next time!

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