Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I was absent from here again yesterday - twice in one month, oh the guilt!  Truth is, yesterday was one of those busy every minute kinds of days.  I worked all day, then BF picked me up and we drove (what felt like) all over Clayton Park/Fairview to find my cousin T's house.  T is in the process of reno-ing her kitchen and has kindly donated her old cabinet hinges to our cause.  I've mentioned before, I believe, how tragically bad our hinges were when I took the cabinet doors off - corroded and coated in decades of kitchen grime.  No amount of CLR was cutting through this.  So when T mentioned she was replacing hers and we could have the old ones, I immediately accepted.

Bucket o' hinges.
They may need a little colour touch up here and there but look how nice and clean!  Ack, I can't wait to get those doors back up now, knowing I don't have to touch those grimey-ass hinges again, haha!  Thanks cousin T!

So we had a hard time finding T's place and were a bit late meeting CA&G, but we got there eventually.  Brooklyn Warehouse is undergoing a menu change so they were clearing out their kitchen and out of a bunch of stuff which, for some kitchens would mean disaster, but for the BW team, meant they got to get creative.  Sadly I forgot to take photos but, sufficed to say, if you ever get the chance to have a chef just randomly think up something for you for supper, well, do it.  

Yesterday was also BF's very good friend J's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J!!).  We met him at Staynor's Wharf to celebrate and to see our friend Keith Mullins and his band play some tunes.

Keith is one of those multi-talented types who can play every instrument, sing and write, but is also a farmer.  He and his wife own and manage Localmotive Farm, a nearby CSA.  Busy guy.

We finally headed home late into the evening....or early into the morning I guess you could say.  I basically walked in the door and shed everything before collapsing into bed for the night.

BF loves it when I leave my shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Believe me, he does!

So it's off to work with me now (HAPPY EASTER TO ME!) and then who knows what the evening holds.  I hope you are all able to enjoy that gorgeous sunshiney day.  

Till next time friends!

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