Sunday, March 10, 2013

Third Day

This redoing cabinets business is tough going.  It seems like the work goes on forever and very few gains are made, but then when I look back at the before photos, I am encouraged.

Before we started to do the improvements.
So the last time I was at the house, a couple days ago now, I managed to get the rest of the top cab doors off, scrubbed, sanded a little and primed.  I also primed the cabs themselves, as well as the remaining molding and the panels over the top of them all.  I had to stand on the counters, ducking down so as to not smack my head, and knees bent the whole time.  Ouch, an straight hour of squats - I'm gonna have thighs like He-Man before the end of this, haha.

Anyhoo, this is what things are looking like at this point.

During . . .
Much better, so much brighter!  It also helps that we relocated the fridge to another wall, so the whole place seems a little bit more open.  

I've also taken all the doors off the bottom cabinets.  They are going to be a bigger hassle than the top ones - they're filthy and the wood is in pretty bad shape so I am going to have to sand them all pretty well before I can do anything else.  Plus, all the hinges and screws are pretty badly corroded, so may need replacement.  Boo.  

Speaking of "Boo," see the linoleum all over the walls?  It's really ugly and I really want it to not be there anymore, but it's glued on pretty good.  Anyone have any suggestions regarding its removal?  

Eeep, less than a week before we move and still so much to do!  Send me your good vibes, friends!  

Till next time!

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