Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RIP, Garlic Babies

The other day I was sitting in the window, having my coffee and making a mental list of all the things I had to get accomplished by the end of the day.  Cleaning, painting, packing, errands, grocery 
shopping - we need chorizo, arugula, garlic. . . . . That's when it struck me, and I looked over and saw this:

See here to be reminded of what they looked like just a couple weeks ago, all healthy and tall and green.  After I trimmed them down, they grew almost a foot each in a week, so I trimmed them again.  I watered them and then, I consigned them to oblivion!  :'(

Poor, poor neglected garlic babies, I've been so distracted lately that I forgot all about you over in the corner by the patio door, and now look!  

Ugh, good thing BF is looking forward to tending the yard, because apparently it'd be like the Sahara in no time under my guardianship.  I do want to try the garlic experiment again, of course, and maybe it'll do better in the new house, in a big sunny window all day, who knows.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyhoo folks, it's been a long day.  BF and I only have two more days in our apartment (!!!) and then, this weekend, we move into our house, and we've been going like mad getting things prepared on both ends.  Time for some wine and a movie and cozying up on our pillow-free couch in our virtually empty livingroom for a movie.  

Till next time my friends!

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