Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm pretty out of the graphic novel/comics loop, but hey, I've been busy.  A couple weeks ago when I was shopping for a book for my fantasy and sci-fi loving Reddit book exchange mate, the guy at Strange Adventures recommended Saga.  I really don't know much at all about fantasy and sci-fi, so I took his advice, especially when he loosely described the story as a Romeo-and-Juliette-in-Star-Wars-with-a-little-Lord-of-the-Rings thrown in.  When I got the book home, I popped it open out of curiosity and about two hours later was finished.  It's that good.  My first graphic novel guys!

Written by Brian K Vaughn and drawn by Fiona Staples, the story follows lovers Alana and Marko, two young people born to opposing races.  Alana gives birth to their baby, Hazel, within the first few minutes of the story and the couple spend the next while fighting for their lives and escaping the armies of both their races (their being together is forbidden) and a number of bounty hunters, not to mention the natural elements of an unfamiliar place.  
The characters, despite one having wings and the other having horns like a ram protruding from his head, are very real and likable.  Their fondness for each other is evident, as is their mutual respect.  Their relationship is very charming and I think it's that which makes the story so compelling to me.  It's them (and the odd duck ally they meet along the way) against the world, fighting so they and their baby won't have to fight much longer.

As soon as I finished the book I pulled on my shoes and ran back down to the comic book store to buy the second volume, only to have my hopes dashed when I was informed that it actually doesn't exist yet.  Apparently the existing one (above) is the first six issues and the next volume won't be out for months.  

Ack!  It's like those darn cliffhangers on a season finale that has you anxious for months after, wondering if Jack Bauer will save the world or, if Rachel really loves Ross, or, you know, who shot JR.

Anyhoo, I will be keeping a careful watch out for the next volume.  Let me know if you see it first!  In the meantime, I'll be taking full advantage of BF's stacks of graphic novels and diving head first into this genre.  I think I'll start with The Walking Dead since I love the show so much.  Do you guys have any favourites you'd recommend?  

Till next time friends!

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