Saturday, March 23, 2013

Growing, Growing....

Just last Sunday, our friends T & C visited and gifted us a pot of lovely purple tulips.  They were pretty little and hadn't quite opened yet, but just look at them now!

They've grown a foot since they came to live with us; they're almost as tall as Arlo the Robot Lamp!  Oh, just look how pretty!

They seem to really be thriving.  There is one little baby trying to poke her head out:

And another little one not even all the way out of the soil yet:

I can't wait until the weather gets better and the ground thaws so we can plant them outside where they can be free to grow as big as possible and maybe even multiply.  Tulips are my favourite flower so I'd love a million of them out there!  Well . . . ok, maybe not a million, but lots and lots.

I mean how could you not love having this all over the place:

Thanks for the flowers ladies!

Till next time!

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