Thursday, March 7, 2013

Second Day

So today I kept on with the cabinets, scrubbing, sanding, painting.  This is what the place is starting to look like:

All the upper cabinet doors are primed and drying in the basement, and in the meantime, I painted most of the upper cabinetry.  I had to stand on the counter since we do not have a ladder yet, hahaha, and so I didn't get the outermost cabinets, for fear of my life.  I, very melodramatically, imagined myself falling from the counter as I was trying to paint that last tiny out-of-reach edge, being knocked out cold and not found for hours.  Oh, the horror!

Anyhoo, so there is an update.  Oh, and also, the pulls.  Before:

And after:

Amazing right?!!!  Haha.

I can see the positive changes already, and I know when it all comes together, it'll make a big difference.  

Ok, soooooo tired.  Till next time, guys!

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