Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gone To Cape Breton!

Well. . . . to the Embassy anyway.  Well, ok, to The Marquee.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH that this place is back?
As part of the East Coast Music Week celebrations, last night the Marquee was home to a group of extremely talented and proud Cape Breton natives who represented their birthplace and its music, in fine form.

Who doesn't love a girl with an accordion?

The super talented JP Cormier and Emily Dingwall.

Action shot.

The very charming, talented and heavily accented The Beaton Sisters.

Margie and Dawn Beaton

Wendy came out to jam a bit.

Dawn gets up to show us a step.

The Amazing Ashley MacIsaac.

J Andrews, Ashley MacIsaac, and Chris Babineau.

Musical cousins.

All of the performances were just awesome and everyone was in a jovial mood.  I don't know if most of the attendees were Cape Bretoners or not (though there were several spontaneous step dance outbreaks in the audience, so that's a good indication) but without exception, everyone there was feeling the tunes to their core.  

I guess it's because my Mum is a Cape Bretoner and I spent so much time down there when I was a kid, that the sound of a fiddle just reaches down deep and plucks at my heartstrings (don't even get me started about bagpipes!).  The Celtic ancestry of many of the people who live on the island is never lost, in fact it is celebrated with great pride at every chance, often through the music.  The level of musical talent there is nuts - my Mum's family alone is full of talented musicians (Ashley and Wendy are her nephew and niece).  There are deep roots in the traditional ways of playing, but many of the younger players, like Ashley, bring a new, innovative and exciting modern twist to it as well.  

Have you gotten to see any ECMA shows yet?

Till next time!

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