Friday, March 8, 2013

This Is Friday

My day started off great today.  It was sunny outside and a balmy 2 degrees out there, so I decided to walk up to the house again, doing errands along the way.   I put some more tunes on my little old iPod and off I went.  

How could you not have a nice day after this message?

It must be in the air.

Nature, saying "Stick it to The Man".

The birds are back in town . . . . by the hundreds.

Yet another wall of the building I have posted about before, here and here.  Absolutely beautiful.

A cute little sign I picked up for our salle de bain at the gorgeous Bellissimo on Agricola.

A beautiful new building going up on Gottingen.

I crossed in front of him.

Brand new micro-brewery on Agricola.  BF got some last week and it is taaaay-steeeee.


This post goes out to the random kid I saw on the corner of Windsor and Young this afternoon, grooving to whatever he had on his headphones, dancing so hard it was like he was at a Grateful Dead show on New Years Eve, 1999.  You made my day, kid.  To be so fully unselfconscious is an amazing quality, and was a lovely thing to behold.  I'll never forgive my camera batteries for conking out before I could capture your cool moves for eternity.

Oh, and don't forget, it's ECMA week and WE'RE hosting!  Get out there and see some of the amazing shows that are happening!

Till next time folks!

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