Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project For Fun: Part One

Today, after work and then coming home to do more work on cabinets and unpacking for a couple hours, I decided I needed to start a for-fun project that I could reward myself with after a day of necessary tasks.  I needed something that is still productive, but that I can look forward to in a way I just don't to removing tupperware from a corrugated cardboard box and placing it in a cupboard, and folding and searching out homes for endless numbers of towels and sheets.  I choose a super simple project, one that would take up little space in our chaotic house right now, and little space in my already slightly overwhelmed and full-to-the-brim brain.  

This little dresser has been made over already.

It used to be just plain old naked pine, with brass handles.  A while back I stained it this dark mahogany colour and changed the brass handles to round, chrome pulls.  

Time for another change.  

Today I sanded and cleaned the heck out of this little piece.  Then I primed it.  I primed it good. 

In a couple more days I should have the time to do it all up as I am envisioning it in my head right now.      A few hints:  Bright and cute and cheerful.

I know, you might not be able to wait a couple days to find out what I do.  I am sorry for that, but it'll all be worth it in the end, I promise.  Plus, it's just quittin' time.  Wine and left-overs and Sex and the City re-runs, here I come!

Till next time, folks!

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