Monday, March 18, 2013

Holy Book Exchange Redditman!

Today I received my Reddit book exchange package!  Imagine my shock when the postman came to the door and passed me this:

Like a kid on Christmas morning I ripped that box open and dug out my treasure. 

General Rick Hillier's account of how he helped to change the way Canadians and those around the world viewed the Canadian Armed Forces.

A gorgeous book of the famous Audubon's drawings of the birds of America.

A collection of printed poster art, one of my fave styles.

My gifter, who in a very nice letter, told me he's read my blog and saw that I was a big music and especially Canadian music fan, passed on one of his own collection.

He also sent me a dvd that he says is a visual stunner and he has been a fan of for ages.  Though I am not familiar, BF is and is excited to check it out.

Finally, Gifter threw in a bunch of cute Reddit stickers.  

Wowza, I am overwhelmed!  The time and thought put into this package was just beyond anything I never expected.  Gifter D, if you happen to be reading this, THANK YOU!  What a great treat, and you were bang on with all your choices.  I hope someone was a good to you as you were to me!

Yay Reddit gift exchange.  What a concept folks, give it a try!

Till next time!

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