Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Day

Yesterday after work I went to the new house to start working on some things that need to be touched up before we move in.  I walked there to see how long it would take, and including a stop at the grocery store and a couple photo stops, it took about 50 minutes.  I can deal with that, especially when it's nice out and I have a good playlist on my iPod.  

When I got there and let myself in, I have to admit, it was weird. It felt like I was snooping around someone else's house.  Sure, there were a few boxes of our stuff in corners here and there, but it doesn't feel like home yet.  At the same time, our present dwelling is so out of order - one may say it stands on the brink of chaos - that IT doesn't feel very homey either.  Good thing BF and I have each other throughout this, so there is always one constant.

So anyway, I sat in our window and had a snack before I got to work and as I did, this little guy, and a few of his friends flitted over to the bush right outside the window and joined me.

That was cool.  Where we are now, you hardly see any birds other than pigeons and crows.  I hope we get to see more little critters at the new place; it feels practically rural compared to our apartment.  

Anyhoo, after my snack I got to work.  First I took the doors down from all the upper cabinets.

I was super grateful to have brought over my little stereo a couple trips before.  The affable and perspicacious Stephanie Domet of Mainstreet on CBC kept me company talking about all kinds of interesting things.  I'd forgotten how much I like CBC radio and it's endless fascinating conversations.  

Anyhoo, I sanded the heck out of the first two doors and, arm and hand still vibrating from the sander, took them down to the basement to prime them.  First I cleaned them carefully of course, and waited for them to dry.  Then on went the primer.

Even just like that the doors look better.  I put one thorough coat on both of the sanded doors and then realized the directions on the can of primer indicate that sanding is not necessary, so I'll be skipping that step with the rest.

I also spray painted the yucky, old-fashioned "oxidized brass" cabinet pulls a bright silver, though as you can see I neglected to obtain proof of that action, so you'll just have to trust me for now.  

All told, I feel pretty good about the first day of work in the house.

I figure with the amount of time we have available to us right now, the cabinets will be done in a week.  

As an aside, I must warn you, friends - the next two weeks are going to be madness, and though I promise to post something each day, some posts may be. . . . well, short but sweet, I'll say.  Hope you don't mind.

Till next time folks!

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