Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Flowers, Like For Realsies!

Sometimes when I am having my morning coffee, I just kind of wander around the house.  I'm still not used to being there, still getting to know it and discovering things about it daily.  This morning before work, I wandered over to the big window in our book room and gazed out into our backyard, wistfully dreaming of things to come, when an unusual colour caught my eye - not brown or grey or dirty green or any of the other winter-into-spring colours.  No!  What caught my eye was PURPLE.

Bright purple and green!  These little crocuses have poked their welcome heads out of the ground in our yard.  I hope that means they know something we don't know and that winter is OVER.  Oh yes, please!  According to the CBC website there is a chance of flurries over the next couple of days but I am going to be optimistic and assume they are just wrong about that, like it was Take Your Kid To Work Day and someone let their four year old predict the weather.  Sounds plausible, yes?  

Either way, I know that the cold is starting to wane, and that soon we will have lovely flowers all over the place. Usually where there is one crocus, there are many, and that'll be awesome.  I also noticed some lilies popping up in one spot, and our new neighbour, Bob, told us that the three huge bushes by the fence that separates our properties are ROSE BUSHES!  I am so looking forward to being able to wander outside with my coffee to get to know our new backyard too!  Soon, friends!

Till next time!


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