Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adieu, Apartment

Nice to have known you.

Today I went to the old apartment to finish cleaning up. BF had gone by for a whole afternoon last week and done an amazing job cleaning most of the place, so I tackled the last bit - the kitchen.  My awesome friend D came by and helped out, which was amazing, especially since he even picked up coffees to keep us going.  Thanks D!  T stopped by for a visit too, which was great.

We cleaned that kitchen good.  It's all done now, the whole place.  Packed, moved, gleaming clean.

It was weird to leave.  It is probably the last time I'll ever be there and I suddenly became nostalgic.  So many good things about the place. It was BF's and my first home together and we had lots of great times there - spontaneous kitchen dance-offs, big, friend-filled parties, making amazing meals together, marathon couch chats until 4am, fireworks and sunsets on the roof-top patio, Saturday morning coffee and weekend planning in the windows, hosting visitors from near and far, we even got engaged many memories.

But it's time for exciting changes.  A new and wonderful house, a wedding to plan, a whole new chapter.

Plus, it all looks so hollow now, and....beige.  Good-bye Kitchen!

Hey Kitchen, remember the time BF dropped the ceramic compost bin on the floor and a weeks worth of compost burst out all over you?  That was bad.  And remember when we finally found a good pasta recipe and made ravioli with goat cheese and sweet potato stuffing, right there on your counter?  That was good.  I'll miss you Big Fridge, and especially you, Dishwasher.

So long livingroom.

We had so much fun in you, as all the footprints and wine stains and cd rack impressions prove.  I'll miss you Eleven-Foot Ceilings and Big French Windows!

See you, Bedroom!

Well....yeah, nevermind. ;)

Nice to know you, Closets.

It was amazing what we could fit into you and you kept safe and out of sight for us for years.

Farewell absurdly long entry hallway.

It was amazing to have so much space to set my shoes and I suppose you did somewhat buffer outside noise, even though you were a waste of square footage.

Farewell spare room, adios huge storage closets and giant bathroom.  It was nice knowing you.

And good-bye construction site outside our windows.

I watched one last blast today and that was that.  I put my raincoat on, my earbuds in my ears, my iPod on, I locked the door and walked away.

I'm at the new house now, cosy and warm, writing this post, listening to tunes and some birds outside.  I am so looking forward to all the things that are going to happen here - settling in, our first party, summer time, fires in the back yard, getting a dog, getting married!  We've already got a whole new set of memories on the go.

Hello Home!  Glad to have met you.

Till next time!

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