Saturday, January 19, 2013

What a Flake!

Ever try to capture a sunset or a beautiful, sweeping view with your camera, only to be kinda disappointed in the outcome, like nothing you can do can really, truly represent what you see?  Well that very thing happened to me this morning.  BF and I were out and about unusually early for us, on a Saturday that we both have off.  It was really snowing here in Halifax, and as we were waiting for the bus, I happened to notice that the flakes were those amazing, fascinatingly perfect kind of flakes, the ones that people try to make with scissors and paper.  I had my camera on hand of course, and have been getting pretty good at using the macro setting, so I tried to get a few shots.  I must have taken thirty before the bus came, but none of them really get across how beautiful the snow was.  A combination of the wind, and both mine and BF's bodies shuddering from the -15 temperature didn't help.

Anyhoo, here are a couple of the shots that sort of, kind of came out.  A little.

Look closely!  Can you see all the neat shapes?
I know, it's pretty blurry.  But I'm sure you get the gist.
Another blurry one, but I had to try.  BF's woolly pea coat was COVERED with them.
And then I noticed, I was too, of course!

Oh, I SO hope you were out and about this morning and noticed the amazing little pieces of art falling from the sky.  

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!  Till next time, folks!

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