Saturday, January 5, 2013


One mellow Saturday afternoon a few months back, BF and I were strolling through our city's wonderful Farmer's Market, sipping our coffees and taking in all the sights, smells and sounds.  We had our usual list of things to pick up - some Darn Hot sausage from Sweet William's, some garlic and cayenne goat cheese from Ran-Cher Acres, some veggies and, of course, a cupcake from the adorable Jenna at Little Red Kitsch'n.  We were just about to get started when, along the harbour side of the market, we spotted something that stopped us dead in our tracks.

This is Arlo.

Arlo (don't ask me where we got that name from) the Robot Lamp was created by metal artist Joel Sullivan of Iron Designs.  As soon as we laid eyes on him, we knew he had to come home with us.  He's made up of all kinds of things, like forks, spoons, bolts and so on, and is super sturdy despite his one-legged stance.  He's definitely one of the things people comment on the most in our little apartment full of things to comment on, and we couldn't love him more!  

Check out Joel's Facebook page, he's got mad skills!

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Till next time folks, thanks for dropping in!

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