Friday, January 11, 2013

We Go Boom....?

A while back I did a post called Inspirations about, well, obviously, things that inspired me.  At the time, one of the things that made me happy was the pretty view from my apartment.  You can see a handful of different aspects of it halfway down that post, but this will give you the idea:

Autumn in downtown.
I just really loved the whole scene, the different architectural styles, the wildly varying weather we could see over the harbour beyond the buildings, the patios and people that lined Argyle Street during the summer every day (though I'm not gonna lie, coulda done without the rowdy drunks every night), watching snow accumulate on everything in the winter.  

Anyway, things have changed.  You see, the empty lots between our building and Argyle had, for ages, been land that a company proposed building our city's new World Trade and Convention Centres upon.  And this past fall, they started to do just that.  Here's the scene this morning:

It's the beginning of the end of our view.  Soon there will be a complex of two towers, one apparently eighteen stories and one fourteen (or at least that's what the last article I read states).  

Don't get me wrong, I am all for progress in our city's downtown, in fact I readily encourage it.  I'm just being selfish in that it's a bummer that we are loosing such an interesting view, plus I have to say the actual construction happening directly across the street from where our bedroom is, has been HELL.  

It starts at 7am each weekday morning, about an hour later on weekends, and let me tell you, these guys are punctual.  They're there an hour beforehand getting ready, which means backing their trucks in, moving equipment around and so on.  They are there all day, every day, sometimes well into the evening, and a few times, well into the wee hours of the morning (apparently with special permits in place!).  

A couple days ago we got a notice under the door:

Kind of them to exclude statutory holidays from their blasting schedule.  

I'm am super curious and at the same time pretty nervous to see what it is going to be like when the blasting starts. They even had an inspector tour our building and make videos of the walls, corners, windows and so on, in the condition they are in now, so I guess we're at least going to feel it.  I wonder if it'll be something like this:

Till next time folks, love from your sleep-deprived gal, H.

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