Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Owls Annonymous.... a group I should belong to.  I've got a problem.  Hello. My name is Helen, and I am addicted to owls.

It all started a few years ago when I noticed a crop of quirky little pieces of jewelry popping up here and there.  I came across a ring I immediately fell in love with...

It used to be silver plated but I've worn it so much it's rubbed all off to it's copper base.  I think I like it even more this way!

My birthday is in December and my Mum and Dad, every year, send me a little somethin' somethin' in the mail for me to treat myself, the sweeties.  Well a couple years ago I was browsing through Fireworks Gallery, a simply amazing jewelry shop here in the city, and I found this:

It's pretty little, like the size of a dime but look at all that lovely detail. So pretty!

When my friends caught on to my new love, they kept me in mind whenever they came across something owl-y.

This little guy, a gift from J, is made mostly of feathers and he clips onto whatever you want him to.  He and Arlo have been hanging for a while now.

This beautiful carved wood ornament was a gift from M. 

This pendant is a painted ceramic disc, by an Ontarian artist, a gift from R.

This little wooden folk-art piece was found by BF in an antique shop on Queen Street in Toronto.

This adorable print by Susan Black was a gift from M&M for my last birthday.

I haven't gotten around to framing it yet, but when I do, I'll pick a frame to match the one that this print is in:
I'm a big Susan Black fan, you see! I love that she names each owl.  We've actually got quite a few of her prints at our house, most from Inkwell, a shop on Market Street.  Not all owls though.

This past Christmas I participated in a Secret Santa thing through Reddit.  You plug in a bit of info about who you are and what you like and Reddit matches you up with someone.  Well my Secret Santa was bang on:
I mean how cute is that?  It's from Collage-O-Rama.

Then there are the little owls I've just randomly found.  BF and I found this guy in a shop in Baddeck, Cape Breton while we were on a week long road/camping trip a couple summers ago.  We brought him home but waited to put him up until we moved in together, our first piece of decor!:

This amazing clock is from the wonderful little shop I mentioned above, called Inkwell, which, if you haven't been to, you must go now (  We'd been needing a clock for our apartment, something interesting as well as practical, and as soon as I saw this...well.  
We found this weird little pillow at Wicker Emporium when they were having one of their awesome clearance sales.  It ended up being, like a buck.

This little velvety photo holder was something we found in a bin at Home Sense, also ridiculously cheap.

We got a Groupon for Oddjects two Christmases ago and among the treasures we brought home was this awesome painted iron door knocker.  Good thing too because our entry-way hall is so long that we can hardly hear visitors when they are at the door.

Whew.  So yeah, addicted, but as I always say there are far worse things to be addicted to, and as most of my friends have been enablers I will never have to worry about going through some dreadful intervention. ;)  

Any obsessions taking over the space in your house?

Till next time!

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  1. Helen,

    I LOVE this blog! Your owl addiction is really interesting! You have some awesome pieces. I especially love the Susan Black work! I don't have one particular animal obsession, but my BF is in love with eagles, so they are everywhere in the house! My obsession runs more towards all things Snoopy- love that dog!

    Your friend,