Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I had plans for today.  I was going to sit and slowly sip an entire pot of coffee....

I <3 you, rocket fuel!

...whilst luxuriating over a few of the gorgeous books I received for Christmas and STILL haven't gotten through....
Alexander McQueen: Evolution, by Katherine Gleason; Design Sponge at Home, by Grace Bonney;
Daughters of Painted Ladies: America's Resplendent Victorians, by Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larson

...and lazily nuking leftovers from the fridge instead of cooking.

Thai red curry noodle soup with prawns and pork.
Alas, my plans were thwarted when I glanced out the window to see this:

That, my friends, is a truck full of explosives.  And these are the pros putting the explosives in the ground.

This is a very skilled excavator operator placing about eighty-five metric tonnes of blasting mats over the area about to be blown up.  

And this is every other member of the construction crew, putting some distance between themselves and the blast.

And this is what happened.  The fun bit happens about 45 seconds in.

So that answers my question about how crazy the blasting is going to be - the siren was way worse than the explosion.  

I have to admit, I couldn't tear myself away from watching the action this morning; the site was a veritable bee hive of activity, every corner bustling with something - prep for the blast, stability wall construction (which at one point seemed to have hit a water main, but I really couldn't tell you if that was actually the case), dozens of dump trucks lined up and being filled with dirt and debris.  I felt like a 7 year old boy whose favorite things are his plastic hard hat and Tonkas.  

It's been a fun day.  As incredibly dorky as I know this sounds, I have to give props to the guys who work the excavators, I could watch them all day.  The way they can control a huge machine like that, like an extension of their own bodies, to do such precise work is amazing.

Ok, bit embarrassed now.

Going to go put on some heels, put on a pot of tea, and do something girlie now.  

Till next time!


  1. I was all ready to type "that was badassss!!!" .. but then it wasn't ... ack.

    1. I know! The anticipation all morning was maddening and then instead of the BOOM! it was more like *poot*! Haha, guess we don't have to worry about things falling off the walls!