Monday, January 21, 2013

Love Locks

I was strolling down Gottingen Street yesterday and came across this:

Little hearts made from string, woven into the chain link fence around the empty lot beside Alter Egos.  

And on the same fence, this:

I think it's the genesis of Halifax's own lover's locks project.  

Perhaps you've heard of probably the most famous one (though there are many such places all over the world:, Pont des Arts, a bridge in Paris, where lovers go and attach a padlock with their names written or engraved on it, and then throw the key into the Seine below, a symbol of their lives being locked together in love.  

Photo from:
Romantic right?  Well when I saw the fence on Gottingen, that's immediately where my mind went, and I got a little excited.  I just love the idea of such a gesture.  I mean, think about it: each and every one of those locks in the picture above represent two people who really love each other.  In a world where there is always so much focus on hatred and the negative things around us, that's a pretty beautiful thing. 

I really have no idea how long it's been there already, but I hope the Gottingen Street fence catches on. Wouldn't it be neat to walk past it on, say, February 14th and see it getting all covered up?  ;)

To small gestures and big love, friends!  Till next time!

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