Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It could very well be just that we are gaining proximity to St. Valentine's Day, but today, as I was going about my day-off business, the colour red kept catching my eye.  Well, it WAS everywhere.  

Somewhat disorienting metallic threaded fabric.  Shiny.
Love-ly bit of window dressing on Spring Garden.
Mmmmm, sweet red peppers at Pete's.
Bromeliads, also at Pete's.  Gorgeous!
Sweet ruby red slipper ornaments from my dear friend D, a million years ago it seems!
Scene outside my window today, if I choose to really focus.

Wet weather armour on Dresden Row.  

Red bush.  Sorry green-thumbs, no idea what kind.

Sadly, in the terribly over-crowded store that I found these little flats in, I could not get any farther away to take a picture which encompassed the actual selection of red shoes.  

I quite <3 this chandelier! 

And last but certainly not least, a newspaper clipping that's been on
our fridge since June 3, 2011.
This is Brigette Depape.   She's got more balls than the 49ers and the Spurs combined. 

(Haha.  I have to admit, I totally had to Google sports trivia to make that last "balls" wise-crack,  I'm THAT out of the loop. Not so wise I suppose.)

Anyhoo, till next time!

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