Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morris House On The Move

Morris House is finally making it's way to it's new home.  

Many of you may remember when the Nova Scotia Heritage Trust obtained a stay of execution for the house a few years ago on account of it's history (it was built, like 250 years ago by the family for whom everything Morris is named after, in Halifax), but may have forgotten all about it on account of it sitting in a parking lot in the South end ever since.  Well, dark and early Saturday morning it began it's trip north, through the city toward Creighton Street where it's destined to become affordable housing.  BF and I drove past it's Brunswick Street stop-over this afternoon.  It's waiting there for the wee hours of Sunday morning, when it'll finish it's journey home.

Apparently it actually drove right past our place this morning, unbeknownst to us, which I'm a little bummed about. It would have been pretty darn cool to see a giant, centuries old house driving at a snails pace down a city street.  Oh well, there's always tonight!

Anyhoo, here's a pretty interesting and comprehensive article about the whole thing:

Any of you guys lucky enough to come across the move last night?

Till next time!

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