Friday, January 25, 2013

Garlic Babies!

I suspect you all probably won't be quite as enthused as I am about this little ditty, but I have to admit, I am stoked about some developments around here.

Five days ago, BF and I were making supper and I noticed one of the garlic cloves had gone to sprout, about half an inch at that point.  I was going to dig that bugger out and mince the clove anyway, when I remembered something I'd read a while back about planting a sprouted clove and growing your own garlic. I had to try it. 

I happened to have a pot in which a tiny, one-yield pepper plant passed away quietly this past fall, so I dug a wee hole about four inches deep, right in the centre and pushed the clove in, sprout pointing up.  I remembered reading that it was good to really soak the planted clove for the first week or so, so I drenched it, put it by a window and hoped for the best.

Five days later:

That's it!  I've now got two shoots, one about 7 inches and one about 4 inches tall!  

Now guys, I do not have a green thumb at all.  My Pops used to grow a garden every summer that could feed a football team for a year, and my brother K has been known to grow maple trees from seed, but me, that skill does not run in my blood.  So this little garlic plant, whatever may happen with it, makes me really happy.  Imagine, just IMAGINE if it actually produces GARLIC!  

Ok, calm down.  And don't worry, I'll keep you posted. ;)

Till next time folks!

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