Friday, February 1, 2013

A Penny Saved.....

...or six thousand, four hundred and fifty.....

This, friends, is what one hundred and twenty-nine rolls of pennies looks like:

I know what you're thinking:  Why on earth would anyone save that many pennies, especially when, here in Canada, the penny is being completely phased out, starting on February 4th. 

Well it all started about a year ago when BF and I were on a little vacation visiting friends in Toronto and we happened to end up at Bar Neon on Bloor.  Great little bar, cool vibe, good tunes, and in the bathroom, the coolest floors ever, tiled in pennies.  I started saving immediately.  I mean check this photo out:
Pretty, right?  The copper has SUCH a lovely, warm glow.  I also came across the blog Honey Sweet Home recently in which was posted all kinds of other beautiful penny projects too. 

Careful research, dummy trials and calculations have given me what I am pretty sure is the right amount of pennies (it ends up being about 16 kilograms - that's 35 and a half pounds, American friends) to cover the space I have in mind that I'm just gonna penny tile the hell out of.   I can't wait!  I'll definitely be documenting the project when I get around to it too, so stay tuned.

Anyhoo, Happy Friday all of yous out there!  Till next time!


  1. heads up? or leafs up? inquiring minds want to know...also cdn currency only or are you throwing in a few foreign coins to mix it up

    1. Oh, you know, I've been thinking about this and I am still not sure! I like the idea of seeing all the years the coins came out, and the leaves are pretty, but I also like the idea of seeing the Queen age over the years, haha! Dorky conundrum, eh? Would anyone even notice I wonder - perhaps I am putting way too much thought into
      this. :) And yes, there will definitely be non-Canadian coins in the mix here and there, there are always plenty of American ones floating around.