Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House Tour Part I

So BF and I spent this morning and into the early afternoon at our new house!!!! :D

We were there interviewing contractors about our kitchen and the renovations that we want / need to do to it, and while we were there I snapped a bunch of photos that I thought I'd share with y'all.  I'm only going to do bits of the house at a time so I can take the time to explain ideas we have and so on, and since it was the topic of the day, here is the kitchen:

Yeah.  I know.  It's pretty dreadful.  Tiny and impractical and virtually ancient in terms of kitchens.  As people who love to cook, and often cook together, it would be impossible to do in this space - a one butt kitchen for sure.  Most of the super limited counter space is in the corners!  And look at this:

That's a corner cabinet.  The opening you are observing is about ten inches wide and the debt of the area to the left of the opening is about four feet, aka a bunch of useless space.  

Plus, the whole space is, despite the nice big window, pretty dim, dark and dull.  So, we're gonna knock this wall out:

And take out all the icky old cabinets.  We're going to put new, modern and practical base cabs in, and build a counter/bar peninsula along where the above wall is now, as far as about a foot past the door jamb you see.  The room with the green carpet (yes, we are getting rid of the carpet!) and the kitchen will be one big, bright open space.  I mean lookit these windows!

I stole this photo from the Viewpoint website (the best realty website out there, btw) as I forgot to take a pic of the east facing window.  The wall to the left is the one that we're removing, and the peninsula counter will extend pretty much right up to the window frame:

And this, on the opposite side of the green room, our west facing window.

I can't freaking wait!  It's going to be so bright and sunny and open, it'll be a pleasure to spend time there!  I am so stoked I can barely stand it!  BF totally agrees!

We're also hoping to install a couple pantry cabinets on the wall BF is in front of, which will allow us to eliminate any wall cabs in the kitchen prep space, in keeping with the wide open concept we like.

So that's just a tiny peek at our new place.  Our plans are just getting off the ground and could change drastically, but the kitchen is by far the biggest project we have to deal with, and the one we're the most excited / anxious about.  We don't know for sure what is going to happen and how it's going to go down, but I'll keep you posted!  Wish us luck, friends!

Till next time!

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