Monday, February 18, 2013


Among the myriad reasons BF and I are so happy to have found our awesome little house, and so anxious to get into it, is, as you all know well by now, the goings-on across the street.  I have bemoaned the construction and it's symptoms many a time on here; the noise, the constant disruption, the loss of our cool urban view.  Here's the scene out our windows this morning as I have my coffee:

I'm not going to deny that it's been interesting at times to observe the work in the lot and see how these things go in their first stages, but that interest has waned.  Especially now that we've got this to look forward to:

This, friends, is apparently what our backyard looks like in the summer!  

Along with a little note, the representatives of the former owners left a few photos of our backyard in all it's glory to welcome us home.  How amazing is that?!  

I have to admit, I'm super intimidated.  I mean sure, I've kept the garlic babies alive for a month or so, and I've had a few houseplants survive past their infancy, but THIS is the big time.  It's like getting everywhere on a tricycle for years and then suddenly buying a Ferrari.  Luckily BF is really excited to get his hands dirty, and we both know a bunch of Super Gardeners (how 'bout a weekend visit, Pops?), so I'm sure we'll get all kinds of great advice on how to keep our beautiful backyard a little piece of paradise.  

I am really excited to start growing some herbs and veggies out there somewhere, but mostly, if I'm being honest here, I just can't wait to sit.  I can't wait to grab my coffee cup in the morning and stroll outside and sit out there.  Maybe I'll read a book.  Maybe I'll sneak treats to the neighbour's Labs.  Maybe I'll just stare into space.  We'll have barbeques!  We'll build a little fire every nice night and relax with a glass of wine.  We'll get a dog!

Ahhhh, heaven.  Can't wait!

Till next time!

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