Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Big Reveal

So over the past few weeks I have alluded to experiencing a bit of stress, to the fact that we've been off doing many mysterious errands and to some big upheavals.  Well, it's time to let you all in on the secret.  Want a hint?  Well, we've been reading a lot of these kinds of books lately:

And combing through this:

And studying that:

And these have become my favorite magazines in the world:

Get it yet?  

. . . . . .

BF and I. . . . BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!

Guys, this is our new home:

We are over the moon with happiness about this, but we didn't want to spread it around too much until we knew with absolute certainty that it was ours. . . . and now we do!  

It's in the North West part of the city, in a neighbourhood I am not familiar with at all so it'll be really exciting to get to know a new area.  We have tonnes of space, a beautiful back yard (I predict a wee four-legged friend in our future!), and it's in a nice, quiet area.  Hear that folks?  QUIET!  No more jackhammers and drills and dump trucks - oh my!  I can not wait to get in there . . . just about a month to go if all goes according to the plan.

BF and I have been super busy getting all our ducks in a row with the business end of things, and planning all the improvements and little changes we want to make - perfectly good hardwood floors under the carpet?  What are you doing under there?  It's scary and exciting and overwhelming and thrilling all at once.

So as you can imagine, over the next while, this big news and it's progress will be popping up here a bit.  I can't wait to share some of the projects we're going to do with you (helloooooo penny tiles!).

Whew, glad to finally have the secret out!  :D  Till next time, friends!

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