Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Is Wednesday

Getting things ready for the noon skate at the Oval:
Shiny red Zamboni.

Mural on Quinpool:
Look out behind you little ladybug!

They think it's spring:
Part of a giant flock hanging around Citadel Hill today.

So do they:
Green things sprouting already in our new backyard!

This used to be CD Plus:
Remember cd stores?

Pretty evening sky on the way to dinner:
Over the old Spring Garden library.

The super delicious Electric Blue and the Man-O-War at the new The Works on Doyle.

Thinking about getting a nice bottle of Scotch for BF:
Not gonna happen @ Port of Wines on Doyle.

Now it's time to settle in with BF and have some red and watch The Tempest.  Ahhh, what a day!

Till next time!

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