Sunday, February 10, 2013

Storm Stayed

On Friday, BF and I went out and got some groceries so we wouldn't have to go anywhere during the storm unless we really wanted to.  I had stormy day breakfast in mind the whole time we were out and made sure we'd have a few options. We were up in what will be our 'hood soon enough and had lunch at the Italian Market, where we also picked up some delicious chorizo meat and some blue cheese.  We had some other things at home already.  

On Saturday morning as the storm raged on, we eventually rolled outta bed and got to cooking.  This is what we came up with:

Spicy sweet potato home fries, chorizo, poached eggs with blue cheese sauce and mixed greens and grape tomatoes.
Ahhh, isn't it nice to wake up on a crazy stormy winter morning when you don't have anywhere you have to be, head into the kitchen and make a nice big breakfast and a couple good, strong cups of coffee?  

Hope you all had a warm, safe storm weekend.

Till next time!

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