Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buried Treasure

This past week and weekend, BF and I started to pack things up things we don't need for the next month - cds we don't often listen to, some clothes, kitchen stuff we don't often use.  One fun thing about moving and packing is when you unearth something you had forgotten you'd ever even owned.  A few of these have come up over the week, but none so exciting a discovery as this:

A little bag of coffee beans from Moonbean in Kensington Market in Toronto!  We immediately made a pot and sat and luxuriated in it's deliciousness.

Sadly there are only enough beans left for one, maybe two more pots and then it'll be gonzo, and a trip to Ontario for coffee beans seems excessive, even for us caffeine addicts.  What's that Toronto friends? You'd love to head down to St. Andrew Street and pick us up a one pound bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Oromia beans and send them to us in Halifax?  Oh, ok, if you insist! ;)

Hope you're all pleasantly caffeinated folks!  Till next time!

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