Friday, February 15, 2013

This is Friday!

Another view of the building on Gottingen that the Blue Lady is on, as we're driving by.
An amazing, terrific discovery at the Italian Market.  I've been looking for this stuff FOREVER!
I'm sad that the Henhouse isn't going to be around anymore, but I'm stoked to have found this beautiful, old, ceramic lamp base there for $5! The only question is: to paint, or not to paint?
Look at the detail.  YAY!
When we got home from errands, BF picked up the mail and there was a parcel from Amazon.  He'd secretly ordered this film by one of my favorite directors, Julie Taymor, as a surprise for me! <3 <3 <3
Before we got home, we swung by the new house because we noticed the sun was setting and we wanted to see how it looked from our future front porch.  YAY!

Till next time friends!  Happy Friday!


  1. AWESOME! I vote no paint! Too beautiful as is!

    1. I'm still torn as to what I'll end up doing! I think the best thing will be to wait until we're all moved in and see where the lamp might belong, and figure out its personality from there, if that makes sense.