Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's 5:30, Friends. . . .

. . . do you know where YOUR sunshine is?

Oh, don't worry, I do.  It's here, still up in the sky. . . .

. . . so bright and shiny (and vaguely Saturn-looking) that my little camera could barely capture it.

Ah, it's happening folks, the days are getting longer and longer!  Soon, March 10th in fact, it's Spring Ahead time and it'll be this bright at 6:30.  In fact, as I am actually writing this post, it's 6 and it's still bright out there.

Siiiighhhhhh.  I am a long days kind of girl.  The gloomy, short, dark days of winter really get to me, and as soon as December 21st arrives, I take great joy in watching every tiny increment of the lengthening days.  

The next thing you know it's gonna be back yard barbeques, walks along the busy waterfront and day trips to the beach.  Holy heck, I can't wait!

Hope you got to enjoy the beautiful day!

Till next time friends!  

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