Sunday, February 17, 2013

That's So Socks-y!

I like socks: funny socks, weird socks, funky socks, knee socks, toe socks, striped socks, socks, socks, socks.  This is my current favourite pair:

Sugar skulls, whaaa?!?!  (I also have a pair of knee socks, green with the head and neck of a giraffe wrapped around and eating leaves at the top.  I wanted to take a picture of those too but, well, they are lost in the disarray that is my closet.)

Anyhoo, recently Reddit introduced a new batch of random gift exchanges and socks was one of them!  I signed up for it (and a book exchange) immediately.  I filled out my profile in detail a couple weeks ago in hopes that I'll receive a really wacky, unusual pair.  I can't wait!  Tomorrow is the match day, so I'll find out about the person for whom I'll be shopping for socks, and the deadline for mailing out is March 1st so I'll be waiting excitedly for both my giftee to receive whatever I send to them and to get my own new socks!

I think the Reddit gift exchanges are such a fun idea! I participated in the Secret Santa one this past Christmas and my match was so stoked about the gift I sent her that I just couldn't wait to do it again.  There's something to be said for making some random person you've never met super happy.

Have any of you participated in an exchange like this before?

Till next time friends!

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