Sunday, April 14, 2013

It'll Get Done . . . 

. . . . people kept telling me.  

When we first bought the house I had so many grand schemes and brilliant ideas about decor and renos and improvements that we would do, and in my mind, most of them would be good to go in no time flat. I'd tell people about them - "Gonna get all the rooms painted before we move in!" and they'd laugh and say things like "Haha, yeah, I said that too, and now three years later I'm about half done."  

I'm slowly realizing the reality of it.  Not only are all our rooms NOT painted, but we don't even know what colour we want to paint them.  The kitchen's temporary improvements are not finished.  The Green Room is still full of boxes.  The book room is still all disorganized.

My intention was to have the walls painted and shelves built and everything just so within a couple weeks.  Now I see it'll be a bit longer.

I'm slowly accepting the fact that everything isn't going to be perfect right away, it takes time and that's ok, because the place is OURS and we have our whole lives to figure it out.  I WOULD like a better kitchen, and it would be nice to have our art up on the walls and my closet organized and the boxes in the Green room unpacked, but hey, it'll happen.  

Lesson #1 in Home Ownership:  Chill Out.

Lesson learned.

Till next time!

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