Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Back Yard Again

I spent a few more hours in the yard today.  There are three of these back there now.

I managed to fill the compost bin hastily as the waste truck was making its way down our street, and got it to the curb just in the nick of time.  Unfortunately I immediately filled it back up again and there won't be another pick up for two weeks.  Plus these other three piles, whew!  But it's ok, things are looking better by the hour.

Look, you can see the ground!  I also uncovered this:

It was under about a foot of leaves under a tree, so nobody had been living there for a while.  But very soon after I found it, this little fella came tripping around.

He was checking things out, pulling at this and that, looking for some eats I suppose.  So cute, I could watch him for ages.  So BF went out and got a big bag of birdfeed and we spread some out on top of the concrete Thing that is sitting in the middle of our yard.  We're hoping it attracts only the cutesiest of birds.

Speaking of the middle of the yard, I've noticed all this ivy-like stuff seems to be taking over the grass in patches back there.  Anyone of my plant and landscaping loving friends have any idea what it is, or how to get rid of it?  

Anyhoo, time to stop working!

Till next time!

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