Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friday Is For Wintersleep

Or at least Friday, April 26th, 2013 is.  Specifically at the Marquee.

A week and a half ago, brother D messaged us and asked if we wanted to go to see Wintersleep at the Marquee on Friday.  Obviously the answer was yes because, well, there is no other good answer to that question. I hadn't seen them in a few years and both BF and D had never seen them, so it was even more exciting.

We got to the club early and thanks to a couple of BF's awesome grad students who'd gotten there even earlier, we actually got one of the coveted tables, meaning we didn't have to stand up and strain to see and be jostled for the next four hours.  Bonus!  Soon after we settled in and got a couple drinks, the opening band, Toronto's Always started their set.

They played a fun set of slightly grungy but cheery pop songs, and even included a cover of the song Crash by the Primitives, a song many of you might recognize if you ever had the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack back in the day.

After a quick break, the stars of the night, our own Wintersleep came out.  

I've seen them a handful of times over the last ten or so years and always loved them, but this show was spectacular.

Each of the guys were putting their all into it, really having a great time up there.

Paul Murphy, the lead singer reminds me more and more of Gord Downie every time I see him.

My brother D thinks that Loel Campbell is one of the best drummers in Canada, and let me tell you, this show would hold up as proof.  He's pretty tough to photograph though!  :)

One of the highlights of the night was a duet between Paul and the singer from Always.  They did a really great rendition of the late, great Rita MacNeil's Working Man.  Everyone in the bar sang along, it being a song you learn by heart through osmosis in these parts.  It was an amazing tribute to a lady who will surely be missed, and who surely would have been proud of this spontaneous version of her most famous song.  I only wish my camera batteries hadn't run out right before!  :(

Great show, Wintersleep, thanks!  

Till next time!

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