Friday, April 5, 2013

Out On the Streets

By this time I'm sure you've figured out that I am a pretty big fan and supporter of street art.  Whether it's an elaborate mural or a simple but interesting tag or a series of similar pieces, I love it.  When I walk around my city I am constantly on the look out for new art, old favourites and additions to series I've been "collecting."   When I travel I look for it everywhere too.  I love it when you stumble across a piece that just stops you in your tracks and you have to spend half an hour checking it out, or when you're standing, waiting to cross the street and you glance a little message scrawled on a phone pole.  I love the accessibility of it, the fact that anyone can enjoy it.  I love the mystery of it when the artist isn't necessarily apparent but you start to recognize a style.  

Anyhoo, here are some I've snapped over the last year or so.  On ongoing collection you might say.  Hope you like 'em as much as I do.

Can't remember where I found him.

On the side of The Coast offices.

Another Agricola Street piece.

On the side of the Bikes By Dave building on Young.

Tropical Quinpool.

Familiar little kitty and some love at Fred on Agricola.

All the little birdies in Kenzington Market.

Beautiful flowers on the side of the Pavilion.

Can't remember where I found her, but super cool, right?  And I think maybe she's by the kitty artist.

And it all ends up with a little bit of love......or it should!

Till next time loves!

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