Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Sleep Till Brooklyn. . .Warehouse!

This morning BF, lil brother D and I went to one of my very favourite restaurants in the world, the Brooklyn Warehouse.  

Photo from Daily Business Buzz.
I could eat there every day, what with the amazing food, wonderful service and super cool and cozy atmosphere.  I mean look at the place, so warm and eclectic and stylish.

Photo from The Coast.
BF and I have eaten there a couple other times since we moved to the neighbourhood and one of the times we shared an amazing charcuterie plate with friends.  I'd been thinking about it ever since, craving it in fact, so I ordered one to share before our mains.

Mmmmm....oysters, caperberries, arugula, marinated shrimp, picked onions, grainy mustard,
gherkins, smoked pork shoulder and chicken pate, and pita and toasted baguette. 
They do it up differently every day depending on what they've got in the kitchen so you'd never get tired of it, it's like a surprise every time!

For my main I got the special, grilled cheese, caramelized onions and and back bacon on rye.  SOOOOOO delicious!

BF got the BK Breakfast, an open faced bagel sammie with dijonaisse, confit pork belly, arugula, picked onions and an egg.  

And brother D got the famous Brooklyn Burger.

I've had the Brooklyn Burger probably 349, 997 times and it's AMAZING.  So fresh and juicy and mouthwatering. They serve it with their yummy chips and, if I remember correctly, I think that's chipotle mayo.

Please, can we go again tomorrow??

Till next time folks!

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