Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rainy Saturdays

. . . are perfect days to do nothing much.

This morning, despite a great and late night at T & C's last night (thanks for the evening ladies!), BF and I got up early to get ready to go out and about.  While having his coffee, BF spotted these lovely visitors in the backyard.

We'd heard about an auction that was happening at the Victoria Hall, a senior women's residence on Gottingen Street, here in Halifax.  It's closing as a residence unfortunately and literally everything inside  is being sold.

 We went and looked around and saw some beautiful old pieces of furniture, and the building itself was remarkable.  Sadly all the items we were interested in, specifically a few antique settees that would be great in our Green Room, had been sold right before we got there.

We also went to the Giant Used Book Sale at the Halifax Forum and browsed around for an hour.  Of course we came home with another pile of books.

 It's just as well, because it was a kind of icky day out there,

The scene through our living room window - rainy and really windy.
the perfect kind of day to curl up on the couch

Where we spent most of the afternoon
and read a good book.

My current read.

Hope you're all dry and warm, friends!  Till next time.

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