Friday, May 3, 2013

This Week: A History in Food

We all like to eat up in here.  I feel like this week in particular was a shining example of what we can come up with when we're hungry but not hangry, and feeling the inspiration.  

It all started last weekend, when D was up and BF barbequed for us.  He did it the authentic way, slowly, at a low temperature, with hickory wood chips smoking underneath.  And as usual, he made his own sauce.  We had ribs:

They were AMAZING!  We also had burgers (yes, ribs AND burgers, barbarians, I know!) and salad.

Oh, right, and beer and wine, of course!

The next day I made Left-Overs Pizza.

Pretty much what it sounds like.  I looked in the fridge and we had pineapple and proscuitto and blue cheese and arugula and red onions and some pasta sauce BF made a few days ago.  YUM!

Another sunny day came along and we bbq'd burgers again, this time with rice I made with some steamed rice we had left over from a Great Wall  delivery over the weekend (thanks Patrick!), a few sauteed shrimp, hard scrambled eggs and veggies.  Mmmm, BF does the best burgers!

With this grub, we had some fancy beers, the Westvleteren XII.  Apparently this beer has recently been voted best in the world, and is made in small batches by Trappist monks in Belgium, and sold by them to pay for renovations to their monastery.

Then came Butter Chicken Day.  BF had expressed that he'd been craving it but there really aren't a lot of great Indian restaurants around town, so I decided to just make it.  I also made some dhal and we had pakoras too but they didn't stay around long enough to be photographed.

It was my first time ever making butter chicken sauce and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Now if I can just remember the recipe.  :)

Two evenings ago was J, M and my regular gal's night. We did the usual make yummy food, drink yummy wine and chat for hours and hours.  This time, J brought her delicious homemade veggie burgers, and I made a pilau.  M brought the wine and some lovely lemony gelato for dessert.

Ahhhh, food, how do we love ye?

Hmm, now what's on for tonight?

Till next time!

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