Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Was Saturday

It's funny, isn't it, how you get used to waking up at a certain time for work every morning and look forward all week to actually being able to sleep in...but then you're up before the sun anyway.  Well, maybe "funny" isn't the right word.  But anyway, yesterday, being Saturday, was my chance to sleep until 10, but, as usual I was awake at 5.  Luckily I didn't have to get up then, but I was soon enough.

It was a beautiful day!  The sky was bright blue and the clouds flew by and left us behind early.

First things first.
Backyard jackhammer.
Wedding mums, still in perfect condition almost a month later!  Thank you Costco!
After we got our day going, Husband and I cycled downtown for a little adventure.  First stop, the waterfront:

First Food Truck Rally in Atlantic Canada!
Super packed, crazy hour-long line ups by the time we got there.
And lookit this menu - longest line-up there, of course.

We chose the Nomad Gourmet.

When there's a burrito around.....
Pulled pork burrito with guacamole.

Even Darth Vader cannot resist a good meal.....or a weiner dog.....
......or a Segway.......
On the way home we stopped at a few of our favourite places along the way to say hey to friends at - Chives, Argyle Fine Art and Fireworks on Barrington, and then Biscuit General Store on Argyle.

Husband in his new shirt from Biscuit.......what???
By the time we got home, we'd worked up our appetites again so we got to work in our little kitchen. 

Our supper - homemade five-cheese Mac&Cheese with lobster and thyme.  
What a lovely day!  Weather's getting cooler every day so we're trying to take advantage while we can, before hibernation season officially arrives.  Hope you had a great Saturday too!

Till next time!

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