Monday, October 21, 2013

Ron Sexsmith

About a quarter of a million years ago, Husband, then still BF, and I went to The Carleton to see one of Canada's (and the world's) best living song writers, Ron Sexsmith.  Husband had seen him already, also at the Carleton, a couple years ago, but I never had, and I was really looking forward to a night of taking in his sweet, thoughtful songs.

Mo Kenney opened.

I'd heard lots about her around town, but never had the pleasure of listening to her until then.  She was great!  Really funny and charming.  Her songs were smart and honest, and her voice reminded me of a rasper, bluesier Norah Jones.

Then the man himself got up there.

Not surprisingly, if you've ever heard him interviewed or, for that matter, listened to his lyrics, he was pretty shy, but funny and self-deprecating, and man, is he an amazing song writer.  His snippets-of-life songs, love songs, story songs - among my very favourites in the world!

He's a great singer too, his voice kind of vulnerable and tender, and his playing is perfect.

Just another notch in our ever-growing-great-night-at-The-Carleton-board, haha.

Till next time!

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