Monday, October 28, 2013

The Avett Brothers

This summer, as usual, was great for live shows.  Holy smokes we were lucky - Old Crow Medicine Show, Dr. John, Xavier Rudd, Hey Rosetta!, Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall and the Smokes, Ron Sexsmith, Rush....whew!  And just a few days before our wedding, back in the middle of September (oh how time flies!), we got to see The Avett Brothers at the Rebecca Cohn.

Having been a fan for a few years now, I was really excited about this one.  Husband, D and I got tickets the morning they went on sale, and waited somewhat patiently until the night of the show.  The Rebecca Cohn is a theatre venue, and often the audience remains fairly reserved, staying seated even when they want to dance their butts off, and clapping politely as each song ends.  Well the Avett's blew that trend right out of the water.

Everything about this show was lively and exciting, from the lovely background and light show, to the incredible energy the band had, to the raucous song performances.  The Avett's have a lot of sweet but very slow, quiet songs, but even these often got a rocking treatment at this show.

One of the few times it did get quiet, Scott Avett got up and played a solo song on the guitar.  The stage was dark except for him standing in the spotlight; I wish I could have gotten a better photo!

Speaking of better photos!  Augh.  Near the end of the show, after the band had whipped everyone up into a bluegrass loving frenzy, the two Avetts, Scott and his brother Seth, jumped down from the stage and played their way up the middle aisle, just a few feet away!  By the time I realized they were right beside me and it was a good opportunity to take a snap, they were on their way back, but man was that a cool moment!

They actually really surprised me with how much they rocked out.  Husband admitted after the show that he'd been nervous he'd fall asleep if they played as many quiet songs as they have on their albums, but there was NO chance of that.  Seth Avett never stood still once, dancing his way through every song, Scott jumped up and down in place, landing on the pedal for his own kick drum every time, and cellist Joe Kwon ties Romesh Thavanathan of Hey Rosetta! for most rockingest, enthusiastic cellist ever.

It was one of those shows that you just hoped would keep going and going, but as all good things do, it eventually, of course, came to an end.

I hope they come again!  In the meantime, treat yourself to this:

Till next time!

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