Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Road Tripping......Part II

So from Bridgetown in the Annapolis Valley, Husband and I hit the road once again, taking a longer, but more rural and scenic route across the province to the South Shore.  You never know what lovely things you might see.

After a nice leisurely drive that eventually turned into us getting hangry and our butts needing a break, we were glad to see we were getting close.

One of the main reasons we'd decided to go to Lunenburg, other than it's one of our favourite towns on earth, is that the famous Lunenburg Folk Art Festival was going on that weekend.  Hanger almost turning to hurious (I totally just made that word up, I swear) we went straight there anyway.

The first thing we saw when we got there was this awesome and funny collection by Husband's high school wood working teacher, Brian Willett.

I mean, seriously?  So great!  But the place was filled with amazing stuff.

The Werewolf of Liverpool
I want this guy for our kitchen!

Absolutely gorgeous hooked rugs.

We saw this gal in her pretty blue dress, buckled into the back seat of a convertible as were were leaving the festival, one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

Noah's Ark
One thing we learned about the festival was that it's no place for careful shopping - if you see something you love, grab it up, don't keep looking "just in case," as we did.  Someone else is gonna come along and love it too.  We lost a couple things that way.  Regardless, we left with our hands full.  We got a couple things for the house and a couple presents too.  Our plan for next year is to save a bit of cash up and invest in a nice, big piece.

After the festival, it was time to feed our bellies.  We quickly checked in to our Inn.

And then went out for some supper.

The most delish pizza we never made - roasted red pepper,
caramelized onion and goat cheese, ooooohhh baby!
While we were at the restaurant, suddenly everything went quiet and dark.  The power had gone out!  Our intention had been to go back to the inn and take a quick nap, but without air conditioning our room was so muggy and hot we couldn't relax, so we headed back out.  And why not, look at this place.

We wandered around for a while taking in the sights and scenes.  Being huge supporters of the Buy Local scene here in Nova Scotia, Husband and I went to the Ironworks Distillery and taste tested some of their yummy liqueurs and rums and vodkas.  The super friendly hostess gave us all kinds of recipe suggestions and was very encouraging when we wanted to try a second little sip of something, you know, just to be sure. ;)

We also stopped in at a shop called Dots and Loops Handmade, which has turned into my new fave shop ever.  I think I'm going to do a whole post about it actually, so I won't get into it here.

Eventually we headed to the waterfront and walked along the wharf.  This here?  This is a whale vertebrae.  It's tip top almost reached my waist.

The evening was coming along, so we decided to wait around and watch the sun set.

After dark, we headed back to the Inn.  On our way, we came upon a bookstore that had been closed earlier in the day when we passed by.  As it turns out, the owner is a night owl, usually opening late and staying until the wee hours!

It was the kind of store with piles and piles of books everywhere, with no hope of seeing everything without spending a whole day or even weekend.  But, in typical Husband and Me fashion, we went back to the Inn with a pile anyway.

It was a short but jam-packed visit, but we'll be back as soon as we can!  Ahhh, Lunenburg!  How we love you!

Till next time!!

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