Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hydroponic Guacamole, Anyone?

A while back, Husband and I picked up a few avocados at the grocery store.

Mmmmm, avocado in salads, avocados in sandwiches....we make short work of those babies to be sure.  As I was using up the last one and was about to toss the pit, I suddenly remembered that you can grow an avocado tree by planting the seed.  So I did a little research and gave it a go.

I cleaned the pit, wiping away any remaining fruit residue.  Then I poked in four toothpicks all around the pit.  Finally, I filled a cup with water and set the pit inside, about half submerged in the water, held up by the toothpicks.

Then, I just kind of forgot about it.  Every once in a while I'd remember it was there, sitting on the window ledge, and I'd change the water and hope for the best.  Just when I was about to give up, I noticed the pit had cracked and a small root was growing out through the bottom.  A good start!

It's been perhaps two months now, and look:

It's about a foot tall and such a nice, healthy green.  It's been growing in the water the entire time, and I'm almost a bit afraid to plant it since it's doing so well the way it is.

We have another avocado in the kitchen right now, so I may just do another one, this time actually  planting it when it sprouts, and following some other helpful suggestions I've read on the interweb, and see what difference it makes.  You can never have too many nice plants around, and imagine, just imagine, if one really took and the next thing we know we're rolling in avocados!  We can dream.

Till next time!

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