Thursday, October 31, 2013


If you should happen to run into this fearsome bugger in our neck of the woods tonight, DO NOT BE AFRAID!!

He (or...she...) and a pack of his (or her) friends are just keeping watch on the neighbourhood, greeting the littles at the door when they come along.

Tonight marks the first Halloween since both Husband and I moved away from home as young pups, that we have had the opportunity to meet the kiddies at the door and toss some yummy treats into their bags.  We've both always lived in apartments, and in my nearly twenty years of it, have never had a Trick-or-Treater!  So we're stoked.  I MAY have gone overboard at the dollar store today to get decorated and spooky.  Put it this way - I left with a bag of rats big enough that I had to cab it home.

Tomorrow we have a grown-ups Halloween party right here at our house, but tonight, it's all about the little ones.  I've already had a tiny, tiny dragon toddle up to the door and emit a ferocious "RRRRR!!" when I opened.  I can't wait to see what other monsters and ghouls make their way over!

Have a scary night, friends, till next time!

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