Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Whole Month!

Yesterday was Husband's and my first month anniversary!

Photo by the lovely Michelle Robinson
One whole month has gone by already in our newest chapter, I can hardly believe it!  People keep asking how married life is and I keep feeling like I should have some profound answer at the ready when they ask, but the truth is - not much has changed.  BF, now Husband, and I were pretty committed and contented even before the rings were exchanged.  I think now, the main difference is in articulating the fact that we're married, as in - "my husband read that book," or, "this is my wife, H."

That being said, when we look back at the day we got married, I know we'll always remember how special it was to exchange those vows with each other, to really make that promise in front of all our favourite people, and I know that memory has changed us too.

Till next time, friends!

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