Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fallsy Downsies

About a week ago, we had the pleasure of attending a reading at The Carelton, by local author Stephanie Domet, of her newest work, Fallsy Downsies.

Fallsy Downsies is Stephanie's second novel - the first one, called Homing, came out a few years ago.

Homing was great, a story about missing people you love, getting over a slump and figuring out what's next.  Also, it was set in Halifax, so it was really cool to read a novel that constantly referred to places I know and have been to.  The above is a special edition cover.  I owned another copy of Homing that I gave to my friends C and M to take home to New Zealand with them when they visited last year, and hopefully pass around to as many of their kiwi friends as possible.  Husband joked to Stephanie at the reading, to watch out for a spike in sales in Wellington.

Fallsy Downsies is about an aging Canadian musician on the road with a couple mismatched friends and hangers-on.  Since we just got it the night of the signing and I just finished the book I was reading previously, I am only a few pages in, so I will quote the back of the book: Fallsy Downsies is a novel about aging, art, celebrity, and modern Canadian culture, told through the lens of Lansing Meadows, the god-father of Canadian folk music.

Stephanie read chapter 18 in her novel.

It was a funny scene in which Lansing Meadows, the main character, plays a show in a restaurant to a fairly inattentive audience until he gets some accidental help from a few unlikely guests.  Stephanie's captivating and animated reading was met with appreciative enthusiasm and afterwards, she greeted her friends and fans and signed books for everyone who wanted.

I can't wait to get into this one - in fact, friends, I think that'll be the plan for the afternoon!

Till next time!

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