Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Sunny Day. . . 

We had a couple sunny days here in Halifax this week, and one of them, oh miracle of miracles, was my day off!  Even before I opened the curtains that morning, I could feel the blue...

 It was glorious!  I decided to have my coffee outside.  This guy came around for a morning chat as I sipped and wandered around the yard making a mental list of to-dos.

I picked the last few standing tulips for the table inside, before they wilted and died.

Then I ran a few errands.  At the end of my street I came across this pretty blossoming tree.  Can you spot the little friend?

As I strolled, I spotted this stuck this up on a pole.  As you all may remember, I am an owl fan.  Snap!

When I returned home, I gathered up some supplies and got to work replanting some things we've had inside for a while now.

A week or so ago, I finished a bunch of celery, cut off the bottom and put it in a dish of water to see what might happen.  You can see the results on the left, about two inches of growth in a week!  So I planted it in soil.  Let's see what happens now.

My other experiment, the Garlic Babies, are doing fine.  Almost a foot tall!  They grow up so fast.

I also replanted this little guy, who'd been cooped up in a too small pot for far too long.  Freedom!!

And the last one was the hydrangea J gave us when we first moved in.  I'd read that they can be quite sensitive to frost when they are very young so I kept it inside until now.  I hope the worst weather is over now because I think the plant could thrive in our bright little yard in this nice big planter.

Ahhh, such a great day!

I'd finished my plant work but wanted an excuse to stay outside, so I decided to try my hand at one of the juice can lanterns E & T had made a while back.  Another set of directions we found suggested filling a can with water and freezing it, and then punching the holes.

Great suggestion.  The work was pretty darn easy.  This way is certainly the way to go, but next time, I will prepare a pattern, and not just fly by the seat of my pants, haha.

 While I worked on the lantern, this dove flew over and had a snooze on the stair railing beside me!

After a while it was time to get supper ready, so I had to head inside.  It was just as well, because, bizarrely, soon after BF got home and we ate, this happened.

Oh Halifax, land of the multiple weather event days.  

It was ok though, after I snapped a few sunshower shots, I thought to myself, "sun and rain . . . maybe there will be a . . . . "

And sure enough!

Till next time friends!

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